Our Services

Our mission is to provide postural management solutions to encourage participation, increase comfort and improve the quality of life of our clients

  • 24 Hour Positioning helps you achieve postural management both day and night
  • We take into consideration all aspects of seating and positioning From mobility through to functional ability

24 Hour Positioning Assessments

We conduct comprehensive assessments, involving all members of your support team to recommend appropriate technology devices, in which to meet your needs, preferences and the goals you wish to achieve. As we assess your positioning and function across all environments you access, we are a mobile service.

Wheelchair and Seating Assessments

We gather holistic information about you to gain an understanding of your health conditions, associated impairments and life roles to assist in sourcing the optimal positioning and mobility equipment options available. We will complete a MAT assessment, perform pressure mapping and make recommendations for seating and mobility bases.

  • We provide an expert consultancy service for people with complex seating. Positioning and/or functional needs.
  • Our positioning occupational therapist offer a range of clinical assessments to provide you recommendations for the most appropriate positioning equipment available.
  • Pressure Mapping Assessments
    For Occupational Therapists and clients to gauge the most appropriate seating options and provide funding bodies with clinical evidence.
  • Manual Handling Training
    Onsite training for carers and family to provide them the tools to positions clients correctly and safely.
  • Education and Training
    24 Hour Positioning, manual handling, pressure management to name just a few.

Posture (MAT) Assessments

The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) is a musculoskeletal examination of a client’s: range of movement, joint flexibility, muscle length and skeletal alignment.

Anatomical measurements are taken and neurological issues such as tone and spasm patterns are observed for their effects on posture, muscle length and function.

The MAT process facilitates the selection of a seating or positioning system with the appropriate size and shape to promote good posture and pressure relief.

Custom Manufacturing (orthoses) Service

Clients requiring a high level of postural support and control are often unable to source an appropriate level of support, comfort and pressure relief in their seating from commercially available products.

 24 Hour Positioning’s manufacturing service can help by creating custom made moulded seating and positioning equipment to provide the right support in the right place.

  • Benefits of Custom Seating Include:
  • Prevent and Reduce Pressure Injury
    Good positioning allows even distribution of pressure over a larger surface area
  • Enable Functional Movement
    Stabilising the seat and truck can improve available functional movement
  • Normalise and Decrease Abnormal Neurological Influences on the Body
    Appropriate postural support can help to manage involuntary movement and muscle spasms
  • Promotes Autonomic Nervous System Functions
    Special seating and positioning aids can help improve the client’s general well-being
  • Manufactured in Australia
    We have developed processes allowing us to produce a lightweight system that is as individual as the client themselves


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